Welcome to the Haus of Mammilla

Haus of Mamilla is a playful, handcrafted brand and personal project that creates portable art accessories designed to spark conversations in a friendly and fun way. Our focus is on subtle protest. We make unique, controversial handmade leather goods, including the original BoobBag collections.

Each item is made to order, reflecting our commitment to sustainable and slow fashion. With a bespoke aim, we believe that individuals can acquire unique handmade accessories without conforming to societal norms.

Haus of Mamilla empowers you to live life uncensored.

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BoobBag Clutches

Haus of Mammilla's BoobBag Clutch are unique and eye-catching pieces that are... 

Mini Accessories

The Baby Boob purses are cute and very impactful. They are here... 

  • Bravery

    • Respect yourself
    • Face Judgement without fear
    • Stay true to your playful heart
  • Self-Expression

    • Designed for you
    • Sharing stories
    • Be you
  • Artisan quality

    • Handmade leather
    • Slow and sustainable fashion
    • Unique and individual